Permaculture Design Firms Across the World

This is a little experiment utilizing VUE Mindmap to create a visualization of the Permaculture design firms around the world. I’ve compiled these from one hours worth of research, so if you know of any firms missing from this list, please leave a comment!


Appleseed Permaculture Internship! — Goals Articulation

Today is the first day of my internship at Appleseed Permaculture. We sat down to contemplate our goals for our time together this summer. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I acquire new skills in the realm of:

• Small business management
• Client Interaction
• Broadacre Site A&A and Surveying
• Digital tools for design (CAD)

And deepen my comprehension and application of:

• Project management and collaboration
• Eco-social design

I gain more experience in design and implementation of:

• Earthworks and water management
• Forest gardens
• Mixed agricultural / agroforestry systems

And learn about the science and application of:

• Keyline design
• Pasture management
• Carbon farming methods

I seek the edge of:

• Organizational tools / processes & how they proceed in the real world
• Economic projection models
• Research in the form of new crops/species, yields, expenses (See economic projection models)